icon-calendar  November 15th, 2022 | 12 PM ET

Automate Application Security in Real Time with Ansible and Telemetry

Network security is an essential and ongoing need. Threats abound across the network stack and F5 BigIP solutions can help customers manage a variety of needs—from denial of service requests to attacks to injections and more. But most organizations’ existing staff find it impossible to handle the ongoing volume of security exploits and automate security policies on their own. As F5 identifies these threats, rapid response is essential and this is where Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform comes in to rapidly close threats even across multiple technologies within your environment.

Join us to learn how F5 BigIP solutions and Ansible Automation Platform work together for rapid responses against a wide array of network threats. Don’t miss our demonstration, which will show how the power of automation and telemetry can address security threats in real time.

In this webinar, you will: 

  • Find out how F5 BigIP solutions can help protect your environment through security risk management
  • Discover how simple it is to automatically address threats using F5 BigIP and Ansible Automation Platform
  • See a demo of Ansible Automation Platform and BigIP telemetry used together to address threats very rapidly

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Presented By:

Massimo Ferrari Photo

Massimo Ferrari
Consulting Product Manager, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform