icon-calendar  June 4th, 1pm EDT

Automate your NGINX Environment with the Ansible Collection for NGINX Controller

The Ansible collection for NGINX Controller contains a set of Ansible roles that make it easy to incorporate NGINX Controller into your workflows. With this collection, you can automate routine tasks such as generating ephemeral API tokens, managing certificate lifecycles, and configuring Controller objects (gateways, applications, and components). 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to get started with the collection, including how to automate:

  • Installing NGINX Plus
  • Linking NGINX Plus to NGINX Controller
  • Managing certificates and configurations through your pipeline(s) with NGINX Controller

If you're an Ansible Automation Platform subscriber, you can access the certified collection on Ansible Automation Hub. The upstream, community version is on Ansible Galaxy. You can explore the NGINX Controller Ansible Tower Examples in GitHub: https://github.com/brianehlert/ansible-tower-nginx-controller-examples

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Presented By:

Brian Elhert Photo

Brian Elhert
Senior Product Management Engineer for NGINX