Automating Your Network


As customers drive to implement more agile approaches to their IT development, deployment and administration, automating across the network stack continues to be a challenge. With the advent of DevOps, IT teams are under further pressure to automate every part of the stack in order to continue accelerating application delivery. Because appropriate tooling didn’t exist, networks have not been included in the infrastructure as code revolution, so how can IT teams finally include all aspects of on and off-prem networks in their automation?

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Automating networks with Ansible uses the same simple, powerful, and agentless automaton framework as the rest of IT
  • Define your networks as code by separating the data model from the execution layer
  • Automate across heterogeneous network environments with Ansible

Presented By:

Justin Nemmers Photo

Justin Nemmers
Ansible Product Owner

Peter Sprygada Photo

Peter Sprygada
Senior Principal Engineer