Balancing Security and Velocity with Ansible and CyberArk


Organizations are in a never-ending race to deliver revolutionary applications, technology and services to improve the customer experience and drive overall growth. Fortunately, automation and the adoption of DevOps is accelerating innovation, giving operations teams consistency and speed while enabling developers to achieve unparalleled velocity. But are organizations equipped to handle the security risk that can accompany the autonomy and speed that automation and DevOps enable
In this on demand webinar, we explore how enterprises use Ansible and CyberArk to balance security and velocity as they transform their organizations. 
Attendees will learn:
  • How Ansible and CyberArk were used to modernize the orchestration of new services and infrastructure for mission-critical applications
  • How to apply practical guidance and techniques from the front lines of security, development and operations in real world use cases

Slides available here

Presented By:

David Federlein Photo

David Federlein
Senior Manager, Product Management, Ansible, Red Hat

Joe Garcia Photo

Joe Garcia
Strategic Accounts Solution Engineer, DevOps Security, CyberArk