icon-calendar  Fri, Sep 16, 2016 1PM EDT

Cisco Systems DemoFriday: Managing Large Scale Networks using IOS-XR 6.1.1 & Ansible 2.2

Managing large scale networks is challenging but tools and insights pioneered in the datacenter can help simplify network management. In this session we will start with a day in the life of the network operations professional responding to an alert: An issue is causing service degradation and is affecting a large number of routers. Using the application hosting infrastructure available on IOS-XR 6.1.1 and linux tools like iPerf we’ll quickly trouble shoot the issue and resolve it on a pair of routers.

Then, using Ansible, a tool that application and infrastructure owners use to orchestrate changes in the data center, and a set of Playbooks developed by Cisco to manage network devices, we’ll remediate the issue across a fleet of routers automatically to save time and reduce errors.

Presented By:

Peter Sprygada Photo

Peter Sprygada
Senior Principal Engineer