icon-calendar  February 8, 2022

Create new automation content more quickly and easily

With automation, processes that used to take days and hours can be done much more quickly. As automation expands, the benefits become dramatic. Because you’re automating processes across  many applications or systems, IT teams are freed to focus on more interesting projects. Deploying new automation projects is the first step, which begins with creating trusted and reliable automation content.

In this webinar, we’ll share new features in Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform that will help your team create content that is needed to expand automation. We’ll cover:

  • Automation execution environments that make it simple to package and deploy automation with all required libraries, collections, and operating system dependencies.
  • The new Ansible builder application that helps you more easily create execution environments.
  • Automation hub and private automation hub, which lets you access and curate trusted content as you jumpstart new automation projects across your operation.
  • The new automation content navigator that lets you test and execute automation and inspect the local development environment.
  • Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio code to take advantage of its convenient coding capabilities.

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Presented By:

Colin McNaughton Photo

Colin McNaughton
Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Dylan Silva Photo

Dylan Silva
Senior Principal Product Manager, Red Hat

Brad Thornton Photo

Brad Thornton
Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat