Getting Started with Ansible Certified Content Collections And Automation Hub in the new Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Ansible is an extremely flexible platform for automation. Whether you're a developer, a partner, or a user, Ansible has been recently re-organized to allow for Content Collections to be developed, built, tested, packaged, delivered, and supported in an efficient and prescriptive method. Learn how to be most successful in Ansible content creation, and the ideal technical ways for getting content for use to the right people.

Certified Content Collections: 

In this webinar, learn how Certified Content Collections can help you get up and running faster on the Ansible Automation Platform, what specific Collections and capabilities you can expect from our lighthouse launch partners, and how Collections make their way from Ansible Galaxy into Ansible Automation Hub.

Automation Hub: 

Automation Hub is a new method of distributing and consuming Ansible Certified Content backed by Red Hat and their technology partners. Automation Hub provides the place for Red Hat subscribers to quickly find and use content that is supported by Red Hat and its technology partners to deliver additional reassurance for the most demanding environments.

Presented By:

Colin McNaughton Photo

Colin McNaughton
Principal Technical Marketing Manager

Dylan Silva Photo

Dylan Silva
Principal Product Manager

Richard Henshall Photo

Richard Henshall
Ansible Automation Lead for EMEA

Roland Wolters Photo

Roland Wolters
Principal Technical Marketing Manager Ansible