Intent-based Network Load Balancer Automation and Ansible


Automating application also requires automation of provisioning, configuration, and management of application delivery services with the ability to scale out elastically with load. In this session and live demo, you will learn and experience real-world Enterprise customer use cases on Ansible automation modules from configuring network functions, automating load balancer clusters, and creating L4-L7 configuration. 

A10 Network Automation Module for Ansible has everything from tasks to playbooks to roles that allow you to build your own abstractions that perform how you need them to fit your environment. You can write an Ansible playbook to automate A10 ADC configuration that enforces your precise intent. You should be able to define your desired state according to your business application needs. you can collect any information from A10 devices (configuration or operational state) using Ansible playbooks for A10 Network Automation and use this information to drive intent-based logic. 

Slides available here.

Presented By:

Andrius Benokraitis Photo

Andrius Benokraitis
Principal Product Manager for Networking, Ansible, Red Hat

Fadi Hafez Photo

Fadi Hafez
Senior Systems Engineer, A10 Networks

Jeevan Sharma Photo

Jeevan Sharma
Senior Product Manager, A10 Networks