Move Toward Simpler Automation with Abstraction Using Ansible Roles and F5 Automation Toolchain


Automation is valuable, but how to we stay focused on adding features rather than maintaining code and tools? 

In this session, we will cover how to promote value focused automation using Ansible Roles and F5 Automation Toolchain including Application Services 3 (AS3), Declarative Onboarding (DO), and more. Leveraging a single Role or Task, we will demonstrate how to achieve lengthy use-cases such as deploying an application or GSLB configuration.

Slides available here. Q&A list available here.

Presented By:

Andrius Benokraitis Photo

Andrius Benokraitis
Principal Product Manager for Networking, Ansible, Red Hat

Payal Singh Photo

Payal Singh
Principal Solution Engineer, F5 Networks

Forrest Crenshaw Photo

Forrest Crenshaw
Product Management Engineer, F5 Networks