NetApp Modules for Ansible


NetApp is now providing modules that can be used within Ansible for configuration management. These modules are developed by NetApp and co-supported by NetApp and Red Hat as part of the Ansible Certification Program. 

Using the NetApp modules allows operations that used to take hours and days to run in seconds or minutes. Not only is all this time saved, but the ease of passing variables to Ansible allows integrations for self-service portals or other end user experiences. In this on demand webinar learn how you can leverage faster, safer, and easier operations with Ansible and NetApp. 

In this session you will discover: 

  • The new and updated modules that NetApp has released for 2.6 and 2.7 
  • Playbook examples of how these modules are used 
  • Plus, listen to questions asked during the live Q&A with Ansible and NetApp engineers

Slides are available here.

Learn more and get involved with NetApp here

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Presented By:

John Lieske Photo

John Lieske
Senior Product Field Engineer, Red Hat

David Blackwell Photo

David Blackwell
Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp