icon-calendar  February 15, 2022 | 11 a.m. ET

Scale automation more easily

As IT organizations continue to automate for increased productivity and a competitive edge, the focus shifts from "just" automating to expanding, scaling, and optimizing automation. How are you going to control and manage the great automation you’ve built across teams and globally?
In this webinar we’ll discuss and demonstrate two new capabilities of Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform. Automation controller and automation mesh simplify and optimize your ability to run automation at scale. These technologies separate the control plane from the execution plane, which makes it easier to scale automation as your needs grow. We’ll show you how automation mesh allows execution nodes that are located in multiple geographies to run automation while being controlled by a single automation controller from a central location.

You’ll hear how to:

  • Use automation controller to define, operate, scale, and delegate automation while maintaining the right levels of control and consistency.
  • Manage an inventory.
  • Launch and schedule workflows from a centralized place.  
  • Deploy on an automation mesh to run automation at scale—close to the source, when and where you need it.


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Presented By:

Phil Griffiths Photo

Phil Griffiths
Product Manager, Red Hat

Roger Lopez Photo

Roger Lopez
Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat