Security Automation 101

In the ever-expanding world of connected devices at every company, ensuring that all devices are secure and working as expected can be a challenge. Most organizations handle security operations manually by creating tasks that can be time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone when human intervention is required. As a result, security teams are overwhelmed leaving many organizations vulnerable to attack.

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform helps you build, run, and manage your automation assets. In contrast to simple automation tools, an automation platform gives your organization a unified foundation to create, deploy, and share consistent automation content and knowledge at scale.

Join this session to learn how Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform can help you automate security processes to maximize time and resources and ultimately save you money.

During this webinar:

  • Discover what processes and technologies can be automated with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

  • Hear about several use cases, including threat hunting, investigation, and incident response

  • Uncover where you are in your security automation journey, whether it be at the beginning or completely integrated into your IT culture

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Presented By:

Craig Brandt Photo

Craig Brandt
Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Ansible Automation Platform, Red Hat

Jamie Beck
Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager, Ansible Automation Platform, Red Hat