Validating Pre-Commit Network Configuration Changes at Scale with Batfish and Ansible


Network automation is a great way to reduce network configuration errors and deploy configuration changes with consistency and speed. However, automation can be highly risky if we do not validate the correctness of the configuration proactively, i.e., before pushing it to the network. While errors in non-automated environments may only impact individual routers, errors in automated environments can bring down the entire network in one fell swoop. 

Intentionet and Red Hat are bringing comprehensive and proactive network validation to your automation pipeline, using Ansible and Batfish. This combination serves as the foundation for CI/CD (continuous integration, continuous deployment) for the network.

Slides available here.

Learn more on GitHub here.

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Andrius Benokraitis Photo

Andrius Benokraitis
Principal Product Manager for Networking, Ansible, Red Hat

Ratul Mahajan Photo

Ratul Mahajan
CEO & Co-founder, Intentionet

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Samir Parikh
Head of Product, Intentionet