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Thank You

You should receive an email shortly with details on how to download and activate Tower. Use the links below to launch Tower in Vagrant or Amazon EC2.

If you don't see an email from Ansible within the next 24 hours, please check your spam folder or contact us.

Ansible Tower Setup & User Guides


Already use Vagrant? Launch Tower in a few minutes with these simple commands. (demo/trial usage only, please)

$ vagrant init ansible/tower
$ vagrant up --provider virtualbox
$ vagrant ssh

That last command will give you your admin password and the Tower log-in URL. Upon login, you will be provided with directions on how to obtain a trial license.


Do you have an Amazon EC2 account? You can launch Tower by clicking on an AMI link below, based on your preferred EC2 region.

EC2 Region Location AMI TYPE AMI ID
us-east-1 N. Virginia PV ami-a86614bf
us-west-1 N. California PV ami-cdd79aad
us-west-2 Oregon PV ami-028f5e62
eu-west-1 Ireland PV ami-65384a16
eu-central-1 Frankfurt PV ami-4295662d
ap-northeast-1 Tokyo PV ami-effb308e
ap-southeast-1 Singapore PV ami-ffad769c
ap-southeast-2 Sydney PV ami-abeadcc8
sa-east-1 Sao Paulo PV ami-a23dacce

In order to comply with applicable export requirements, Ansible, Inc. reserves the right to prohibit the download of Tower Software by users in certain countries. Any person or entity that downloads the Tower Software shall be responsible for exporting, re-exporting, or transferring the Tower Software in accordance with U.S. Law and the laws of other relevant jurisdictions.