Endpoint Protection

Securing devices through automation

In our modern IT environment, we have a seemingly endless expansion of the number of devices on the network. Couple that with the need or desire for remote work, and you oftentimes are adding in many of your employees’ personal devices that need to securely access work applications and data as well. Companies also typically utilize a number of different security vendors and/or solutions to secure all of these endpoint devices.

Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) detect, investigate and remediate malicious activities on endpoint devices, the most numerous and vulnerable elements of an IT infrastructure. Ansible Automation enables the integration of EPP tools into larger security processes providing event driven detection, quarantining and remediation. 


Using Red Hat Ansible for endpoint protection

Enterprise security isn’t a homogeneous entity; it’s a portfolio of multi-vendor solutions run by disparate and often siloed teams. With so many different layers, automation proves to be effective in helping security operations teams to integrate and share accountability.

Automated processes and workflows simplify and accelerate shared processes, like investigation & response and, if enabled with a platform with the right characteristics, encourage a more open culture of collaboration. It

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform caters to this growing importance of security with Ansible security automation: our answer to the lack of integration across the IT security industry. The Ansible security automation initiative has grown significantly over the last two years, adding more partners and covering additional domains and use cases. If you want to know more about what is available, have a look at the supported Content Collections that can be accessed via for more details. 


Diving deeper into this use case

The Red Hat Ansible team recently published a deeper dive into Endpoint Protection in this blog. Make sure to stay informed on new integrations and Certified Content as we will be releasing additional ways to automate endpoint protection throughout the year. We will also be talking more about Security Automation at AnsibleFest 2021 in September, please join us.

If you’d like to see Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform in action download the free trial here.

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