Using Ansible to Build a Culture of Innovation


It’s no surprise that DevOps is critical to high-performing IT organizations, and that Ansible plays a critical role in enabling that journey to DevOps. But, the leap from automation to cultural transformation can be elusive and difficult to start. To help our customers experience working in a DevOps environment, Red Hat launched Open Innovation Labs.

In this session, two architects from Red Hat Open Innovation Labs will share how they have used Ansible to cultivate DevOps culture for the organization's core team. More specifically, how they use Ansible to manage their infrastructure (IaC), build pipelines (CI/CD) and application deployment to promotion stages (PaaS), and what those components mean for driving cultural change within the team. They will also provide demos of the push-button infrastructure (PBI) and container-driven continuous delivery solution, and show how they turned the infrastructure automation approach into a new open source community.

In This Session You Will Learn :

  • How to build a common language between Dev and Ops using Swagger and Ansible; driving cross-team collaboration and cultural transformation.
  • How Open Innovation Labs uses enhanced Ansible roles to automate infrastructure and application provisioning in conjunction with Jenkins Pipeline for application workflow and promotion.
  • How the push-button infrastructure (PBI) and automated prescriptive environment used in Labs has led to cross-team collaboration and cultural transformation, where the net result is an environment for Red Hat customers to experience the unique advantages of DevOps culture.
  • How to successfully leverage the open source community to accelerate and improve your DevOps solutions, and how to contribute back to empower the upstream community.





Øystein Bedin, Infrastructure Architect, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

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