Using Ansible to Modernize Datacenter Infrastructure


The goal of this presentation is to provide details on how a small centralized team of engineers at BlueJeans employs Ansible to manage multiple world wide data centers. By leveraging Ansible, BlueJeans is able to leverage a successful NetDevOps model to drive simulation, configuration centralization, deployment and troubleshooting of the entire data center infrastructure.

This presentation begins with using Ansible and a simulation environment to validate configurations. Then it moves to discussing how configurations are centrally stored in a git repository for versioning country. Finally finishing with operationalization of a datacenter using the previously tested configurations as well as ongoing operations leveraging Ansible. The challenges of migrating an existing data center to Ansible will be discussed, along with lessons learned and optimizations.




Rama Darbha, Senior Consulting Engineer, Cumulus Networks




Jawhny Cooke, Operations Technical Leader, BlueJeans Networks