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icon-calendar Wed, Nov 9, 2016 1PM EDT

Managing Pluribus VCF Network with Ansible




NetOps teams can dramatically simplify Pluribus switch configurations now with Ansible for existing, third-party brownfield network deployments as an add-on to the Pluribus fabric-wide zero-touch provisioning. In this webinar, Pluribus will demonstrate its network automation capabilities using white box switches running the Pluribus Open Netvisor Linux network operating system in conjunction with Ansible. In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • Without knowing any additional programming language, a user can leverage Ansible’s human readable playbook in day 1 switch configuration and beyond.
  • Because Ansible is agentless, how well it works with the Pluribus product lineup.
  • The Network Service orchestration and automation capabilities of Pluribus, and how they are made even easier with Ansible.

Presented By:

Peter Sprygada Photo

Peter Sprygada
Senior Principal Engineer

Amit Sigh Photo

Amit Sigh
Sr Technical Marketing Engineer