Why DevOps Requires Privilege and How to Secure it with Shared Secrets and Ansible

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Compromising the credentials used by CI/CD tools can result in a vulnerable pipeline and negatively impact the integrity of resulting products. However, for many developers, inserting security controls into the development process can be viewed as an insurmountable impediment to productivity. In this session, attendees will hear a case study on the DevOps adoption journey of a large global financial services firm to overcome the gap between security and development. The firm sought to implement secured and automated orchestration and deployment processes built for a highly available environment. Learn how the firm is automatically building privileged account security best practices into the DevOps pipeline without obstructing the CI/CD workflow.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to secure and manage privileged credentials used by Ansible
  • Steps to automatically create, secure and manage credentials used by Ansible playbooks
  • Best practices for securing and managing the privileged accounts of sensitive systems/machines
  •  Proven approaches for securing hosts





Jason Vanderhoof, Senior Engineer, CyberArk