Ansible Community Steering Committee

Ansible Community Steering Committee

As we all know, Ansible is a well-adapted tool for the end-to-end automation of IT infrastructures. At the same time, due to the addition of new features and developments within the project, the Ansible community is growing at an accelerated rate. To help structure the project and also to facilitate the change in direction, we are launching a Steering Committee for the Ansible Community Project.

The Steering Committee's role is to provide guidance, suggestions, and ensure delivery of the Ansible Community package. The committee shall be broadly representative of the planning and approval areas.

The initial Steering Committee members, selected based on their wide knowledge of and active contributions to the Ansible project, are:

  • Toshio Kuratomi (abadger1999)
  • Felix Fontein (felixfontein)
  • Tadej Borovšak (tadeboro)
  • James Cassell (cyberpear)
  • John Barker (gundalow)
  • Andrew Klychkov (andersson007_)
  • Alicia Cozine (acozine)
  • Sorin Sbarnea (zbr)
  • Jill Rouleau (jillr)
  • Brad Thornton (cidrblock)
  • Dylan Silva (thaumos)

Members of the committee will work with community users plus Ansible teams within Red Hat to assist in the composition of idea proposals/new collection inclusion requests. Rather than advocating on behalf of particular interests or perspectives, the job of the Steering Committee members is to listen carefully to their fellow community members, discuss, train, guide, and help them shape the Ansible Upstream Project in the best possible direction for the community.

Here are the current responsibilities of Ansible Community Steering Committee members:

  • Design policies and procedures for the collection world.
  • Review content (collections for now) for compliance with the policies.
  • Help create the community deliverables (community.general collection, collection, the ansible-tarball, community documentation website).
  • Ballot on approval of new proposals and changes to policies.
  • Identify and train individuals from the community who are interested in contributing to Ansible.

Be a catalyst for the Ansible Community

We encourage all Ansible users to participate in the public Ansible Community Meeting that occurs weekly in the #ansible-community IRC channel on every Wednesday at 18:00 UTC

In addition, we used a GitHub issue - Community Working Group Meeting Agenda - earlier on to track agenda topics for discussions in the weekly Ansible Community IRC meetings Going forward, to track and categorize each topic separately, we've created a new GitHub repository community-topics. To discuss an idea, suggest improvements, or submit new Policies/Proposals and New Collection Inclusion Requests, you will create a new issue in the repo as a topic, and it'll be discussed publicly in the weekly IRC meeting. After every meeting, the meeting minutes/summaries and meeting logs will be posted to the original issue.

The Steering Committee will afford all interested persons an opportunity to contribute and review, and will also afford all interested persons an opportunity to speak on any idea during the meeting.