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A Newsletter for the Ansible Developer Community Issue #48, 2022-03-03 (Past Issues)

Welcome to The Bullhorn, our newsletter for the Ansible developer community. If you have any questions or content you’d like to share, you're welcome to chat with us in the Ansible Social room on Matrix, and mention newsbot to have your news item tagged for review for the next weekly issue!


cybette shared


cybette shared

The next Ansible Contributor Summit will be on April 12, 2022 (Tuesday). More details to follow, please bookmark the HackMD note and save the date! (Subscribe to the ical from URL instead of importing it so that any updates to the event will be reflected in your calendar.)



The ansible-core package contains the base engine and a small subset of modules and plugins. To see what's planned for the next release, look at the ansible-core roadmaps.

cybette contributed

New releases: ansible-core 2.12.3 and ansible-core 2.11.9


hunleyd said

community.postgresql 1.7.1 and 2.1.1 have been released. Many thanks to Andersson007, amossc, and jtelcontar!


Rémi Rey contributed

The community.grafana collection is looking for help. There are major changes in Grafana 8 that requires adaptations in the modules. We are also looking for good souls to join the maintainers <3


felixfontein said

We are looking for feedback on a new rule for collections included in Ansible on which files are allowed to be used by plugins, roles, and playbooks in this collection. If you maintain a collection that is included in Ansible, please look at the corresponding community discussion topic to see how this rule could look like and whether this is a problem for your collection. Thanks!

mariolenz shared

While most examples should go into the EXAMPLES block in the module documentation, some collections have an examples/ directory for more complex ones showing how to combine several modules or roles to achieve something.

Discussion: Should there be a standard place for examples?

Gwmngilfen said

Chatrooms Feedback

It is coming up on 6 months since the vote to adopt Matrix alongside IRC. At that time, I said we should treat this as an ongoing process, and I meant it! I am preparing a blogpost covering the adoption so far, data to show, nice wins, pain points, and so on.

I would love to hear from the community about how the last few months have felt for you! Are you a long-term community member, or perhaps someone who just joined? Are the rooms discoverable enough? Are some things causing issues? Good, bad, or just interesting, I'd like to hear it. Note that nothing I hear will be made public without consent - but I hope I can publish some comments, and gain an idea of the sentiment.

If you are comfortable having a direct chat, then message me (@gwmngilfen:ansible.im or gwmngilfen-work on Libera), otherwise please feel free to leave anonymous comments on this form. The feedback window will be open for another 2 weeks, as I plan to write the blogpost in mid-March. Thanks!



Maintainers help to run the community!

steampunks shared

ansible-doc-extractor, a tool that enables maintainers to extract documentation from Ansible Collections, in addition to .rst format now also supports markdown format.


cybette contributed

Join Ansible NOVA group in “Ansible NOVA March Spring Soiree!” on Thursday, March 24 at 16:30 EDT / 20:30 UTC. It'll be a virtual meetup and they are looking for speakers/content. Check the details and RSVP here.


Have any questions you’d like to ask, or issues you’d like to see covered? Please ask in #social:ansible.com! See you next time!