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A Newsletter for the Ansible Developer Community Issue #55, 2022-04-21 (Past Issues)

Welcome to The Bullhorn, our newsletter for the Ansible developer community. If you have any questions or content you’d like to share, you're welcome to chat with us in the Ansible Social room on Matrix, and mention newsbot to have your news item tagged for review for the next weekly issue!


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The Amazon Web Services Working group is holding a monthly community meeting in #ansible-aws IRC channel at 17:30 UTC every fourth Thursday of the month. The next community meeting is scheduled on April 28th at 17:30 UTC. If you have something to discuss (e.g. a PR that needs help), add your request to the meeting agenda and join the IRC #ansible-aws channel / #aws:ansible.com room on Matrix.

cybette contributed

The live video stream from Ansible Contributor Summit 2022.04 is available for playback! Thanks to ziegenberg, we now have timestamps for the individual sessions as chapters in the video, so you can go directly to the presentations you're interested in, or might have missed. We will be sharing the rest of the info (talk details, slides, etc.) as well as the Contributor Survey next week. Thanks again to everyone for your participation and making it an amazing experience for all!


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community.proxysql 1.3.2 has been released.

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community.hrobot 1.3.0 has been released (changelog).

markuman said

community.aws 3.2.1 has been released.
The new parameter purge_tags in ec2_asg module, that was introduced in community.aws 3.2.0 with its default value true, possibly breaks existing playbooks for users if they don't update their playbooks and specify purge_tags: false. However, this release restores the previous behaviour.


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Looking for a way to contribute to Ansible? How about starting with one of these easyfix issues?


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If you are interested in using community.crypto in an Execution Environment, you might be interested in the discussion which cryptography library (quite old system libraries with FIPS enabled, or latest PyPi versions without FIPS) should the collection depend on: https://github.com/ansible-collections/community.crypto/pull/440#issuecomment-1100605304 If you have opinions on this, please comment!

cybette said

Your votes needed! Proposal: merge and adopt the procedures defined in Describe how collections can be removed from the Ansible package. Please vote in this issue (and not in the PR). The vote will close on 2022-04-27.

samccann said

Ansible community documentation priorities - this topic lists the priorities that we'll focus on for community Ansible documentation. We welcome your feedback on this to ensure we are focusing efforts where needed.


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Join Ansible Singapore group in “Ansible Virtual Meet Up - April 2022” talking about Automation Mesh on Thursday, April 28 at 09:00 SGT / 01:00 UTC. Check the details of this virtual meetup and RSVP here.

Join Ansible New Zealand as they reconnect with fellow Ansibulls with Bank of New Zealand sharing on how they enabled others through the power of Ansible Automation. The online event will be on April 28, at 12:00 NZST. More details and RSVP here.

Ansible Minneapolis is having their April Meetup at Bad Weather Brewing. Join them on April 28 at 18:30 CDT and help them define the next steps for the meetup.


Have any questions you’d like to ask, or issues you’d like to see covered? Please ask in #social:ansible.com! See you next time!