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A Newsletter for the Ansible Developer Community Issue #66, 2022-07-08 (Past Issues)

Welcome to The Bullhorn, our newsletter for the Ansible developer community. If you have any questions or content you’d like to share, you're welcome to chat with us in the Ansible Social room on Matrix, and mention newsbot to have your news item tagged for review for the next weekly issue!


cybette shared


andersson007_ contributed

The purestorage.fusion collection has been included in the ansible package.

felixfontein shared

community.docker 2.7.0 has been released (changelog). This will likely be the last 2.x.0 minor release. The collection is now preparing for release 3.0.0 with many major changes under the hood.


andersson007_ said

The inspur.ispim collection inclusion request is waiting for your review. See the process description to learn how to do it.

Please help the community extend the Ansible package!


Gwmngilfen said

Matrix Room Shields for repo READMEs?

I've opened an example PR for displaying a Shields.io shield for a Matrix room inside the README of a repository. This is the same kind of thing as you often see for test coverage, code coverage, Python versions, etc.

I think this is an useful extra way for maintainers to direct users to the right place to get help, and has the nice side-effect of demonstrating the large vibrant community we have. I'm looking to get feedback on whether this should go in the template repo, so that people know it's an option - what are your thoughts? Please comment on the PR!

briantist contributed

Python version support for hvac library

The community.hashi_vault collection is looking for feedback about support for end-of-life Python versions going forward. Join the discussion.


cybette contributed

Ansible Contributor Summit

The Ansible Contributor Summit will be held the day before AnsibleFest 2022 on October 17, 2022, where participants will be able to join both in-person (in Chicago, IL, USA) and online. Please check out the details on Eventbrite and pre-register for the event as early as possible!

cybette said

Ansible India Meetup

Join Ansible India in their July 2022 online meetup on July 21 with 2 talks: "Ansible Navigator - A text-based user interface (TUI) Tool Deep Dive", and "AWX Backup and Restore on Kubernetes".

Ansible Minneapolis Meetup

Ansible Minneapolis is planning a social hour on July 21, and if you have a topic you'd like to discuss, join the meetup group and let the organizer know!

Ansible Atlanta Meetup

Ansible Atlanta is restarting their monthly meetups on August 4. Catch up with them to hear updates about what is happening in the Ansble community and how some of the changes are reflected in Red Hat's Ansible Automation Platform.


gundalow shared

Ansible is looking for an Agile Practitioner to support the Red Hat Ansible Platform (Remote USA).

In this role, you will work closely with creative and experienced engineers to create innovative technology for the next generation of offerings. You will primarily focus on a strategic part of the Ansible organization centered around infrastructure and support for the Ansible development teams. An important part of this role is as coach and champion of agile principles throughout the organization to facilitate the transition to a continuous improvement mindset. You should love helping engineering succeed, and have a passion for concepts surrounding automation, DevOps, site reliability engineering (SRE), and other modern software development techniques.

To find out more and apply, check out the job description.


Have any questions you’d like to ask, or issues you’d like to see covered? Please ask in #social:ansible.com! See you next time!