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A Newsletter for the Ansible Developer Community Issue #94, 2023-03-10 (Past Issues)

Welcome to The Bullhorn, our newsletter for the Ansible developer community. If you have any questions or content you’d like to share, you're welcome to chat with us in the Ansible Social room on Matrix, and mention newsbot to have your news item tagged for review for the next weekly issue!


cybette said


cybette contributed

We have added a notice on Ansible Galaxy as follows:

"Red Hat is working on exciting new Ansible content development capabilities within the context of Project Wisdom to help other automators build Ansible content. Your roles and collections may be used as training data for a machine learning model that provides Ansible automation content recommendations. If you have concerns, please contact the Ansible team at ansible-content-ai@redhat.com."

cybette shared

CfgMgmtCamp & Contributor Summit recordings

For those who missed the events, or if you were there but missed some of the talks, or if you want to rewatch some of them (because they're great!) - here are the playlists: * Ansible Contributor Summit 2023.02 (Feb 8, 2023) * Ansible track @ Cfgmgmtcamp 2023

Thanks to Mark for recording the talks!

Gwmngilfen said

Contributor Summit & Community Survey

As usual after a Contributor Summit event, I've put together a survey to help us learn for next time. It also covers more general questions about how the community feels to you at the moment, so even if you couldn't make it to the Contributor event, or CfgMgmtCamp, it's still worth a look. It should take just a few minutes!

(And on the topic, if you didn't see the post about feedback on the Community Strategy for 2023, check that out too!)


AWX Project ↗

AWX provides a web-based user interface, REST API, and task engine built on top of Ansible.

john-westcott-iv contributed

We're happy to announce that the next release of AWX, version 21.13.0 is now available! Some notable features include: * Make docker-compose command configurable in Makefile * Add disable_instance management command * Switch from head to tail in project update playbook when clearing project dir

In addition AWX Operator version 1.3.0 has also been released! Some notable features include: * AWX: Add termination_grace_period_seconds * Restore postgres database if external db * Add nodeport_port to instantiate playbook * Bump ansible operator SDK version to v1.26.0

Please see the releases pages for more details: AWX, Operator.

Antsibull ↗ 🐂

Tooling for building the Ansible package and collection documentation.

felixfontein shared

antsibull-changelog 0.19.0 (changelog) has been released with new features. It can now extract the current version also from Python PEP 621 projects and JavaScript/TypeScript package.json based projects, and it uses the standard library tomllib on Python 3.11+ instead of needing toml or tomli to be available.

Ansible-Core ↗ ⚡️

The ansible-core package contains the base engine and a small subset of modules and plugins. To see what's planned for the next release, look at the ansible-core roadmaps.

cybette said

ansible-core 2.14.3 and ansible-core 2.13.8 were released last week. These are maintenance releases containing numerous bugfixes.

DevTools ↗ ⛏️

Projects to make it easier to write and test Ansible Content. Includes VScode extension, language server, ansible-lint, molecule, ansible-navigator and potentially other development goodies. To see what's planned, and how you can help checkout the foundation-devtools project board

Priyam Sahoo contributed

The Devtools team has released ansible-lint version 6.14.0, which includes 23 bugfixes and 3 minor changes. Please refer to the changelog here for more information.


andersson007_ contributed

The new collection inclusion requests are waiting for your reviews. Please help the community extend the package!

Don Naro shared

Come join us and help build a new docsite! The community team has been working to update the Ansible documentation landing page based on a set of user journeys. Right now we're working on a prototype docsite to improve the navigation and user experience.

samccann said

Looking to help out in Ansible but not sure where to start? Take a look at some easyfix or good first issues: * across multiple collections * for all other Ansible projects


Don Naro contributed

We want to hear from you! The Ansible community team is gathering feedback on a static site generator to build a new documentation landing page and community site, should the community be in favour of those efforts.

So, if you have opinions or insights on which static site generator we should use, please let us know. Visit our static site generator community topic and let us know what you think.


Ashutosh Bhakare said

We are glad to announce our upcoming hands-on Workshop on Ansible 101. This workshop will provide good entry-level knowledge about Ansible.

Hurry up and register using this link.

Date: Saturday, March 11 2023 AT 11 AM Location: Unnati Development and Training Centre, 2ND FLOOR. N-7. CIDCO. OPP. BALIRAM PATIL HIGH SCHOOL, Ch. Sambhaji Nagar.

cybette contributed

There are several community meetups coming up!

Check out the respective event pages for details and RSVP!


Have any questions you’d like to ask, or issues you’d like to see covered? Please ask in #social:ansible.com! See you next time!