The Song Remains The Same

The Song Remains The Same

Now that Red Hat is a part of IBM, some people may wonder about the future of the Ansible project.

Here is the good news: the Ansible community strategy has not changed.

As always, we want to make it as easy as possible to work with any projects and communities who want to work with Ansible. With the resources of IBM behind us, we plan to accelerate these efforts. We want to do more integrations with more open source communities and more technologies.

One of the reasons we are excited for the merger is that IBM understands the importance of a broad and diverse community. Search for "Ansible plus open source project" and you can find Ansible information, such as playbooks and modules and blog posts and videos and slide decks, intended to make working with that project easier. We have thousands of people attending Ansible meetups and events all over the world. We have millions of downloads. We have had this momentum because we provide users flexibility and freedom. IBM is committed to our independence as a community so that we can continue this work.

We've worked hard to be good open source citizens. We value the trust that we've built with our users and our contributors, and we intend to continue to live up to the trust that our community has placed in us. IBM is committed to the same ideals and will be supportive of our ongoing efforts to build a strong, diverse community. The song remains the same.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the IBM acquisition, we encourage you to review the list of materials below. Red Hat CTO Chris Wright will host an online Q&A session July 23 in the coming days where you can ask questions you may have about what the acquisition means for Red Hat and our involvement in open source communities. Details will be announced on the Red Hat blog.

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