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May 23, 2022 by Steven Bonneville

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Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2 includes major features that allow customers to onboard more easily with even more flexible automation architectures and use cases. Ansible Automation Platform enables IT professionals to automate at enterprise scale more easily and flexibly. This means that everything you know and love about writing Ansible Playbooks is largely unchanged, but what is evolving is the underlying implementation of how automation is developed, managed, and operated in large complex environments.

Ansible Automation Platform now includes new automation creator tools such as ansible-lint, ansible-navigator and ansible-builder, a new architecture using container-based automation execution environments and automation mesh, and new tools such as private automation hub and automation services catalog to help operationalize teams to work together. For a complete list of everything included in your subscription, check out the knowledge base article: What is included in Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform subscription? If you prefer to consume our content via videos, check out my blog and YouTube video: Ansible Automation Platform - A video tour.

That is a lot of cool new stuff that is included in your Red Hat subscription! You might be thinking that your Ansible knowledge is really good, but you are unsure about all this new functionality and how it fits within your organization. Whether you are a novice or an experienced Ansible Playbook writer, our newly updated Ansible-focused Red Hat training courses can hone your Ansible skills in lab-intensive, real-world training. Red Hat Training and Certification helps IT professionals become skilled, proven, and ready to successfully automate, configure and manage Ansible.

Not only do we have awesome training courses to quickly help you gain proficiency in Ansible Automation Platform 2, there is an easy skills path depending on existing skill sets as a Linux systems administrators, Microsoft Windows administrator or network administrator:


Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform - Skills path finder

Here is a list of courses already updated to Ansible Automation Platform 2, which include coverage of ansible-navigator, execution environments and more:

  • Ansible Basics: Automation Technical Overview - (DO007) is a series of on-demand, online videos that introduce you to the Ansible Automation Platform. Learn configuration management, provisioning, deploying, and managing compute infrastructure across cloud, virtual, and physical environments with Ansible. This is a free, on-demand course.
  • Developing Advanced Automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform - (DO374)
    designed for automation content developers to leverage the new, container focused tools from Ansible Automation Platform to efficiently develop automation that can be managed by the automation controller. Learn recommended practices for automation development using reusable code, advanced playbook techniques, leveraging shared automation execution environments, preparing your code for scalable automation with the automation content navigator, and running your automation tasks with the automation controller.


Courses coming soon:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Automation with Ansible - (RH294) This course is already live for Ansible Automation Platform 1.2, and will receive an update soon to Ansible Automation Platform 2 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9. It is designed for Linux system administrators and developers who need to automate provisioning, configuration, application deployment, and orchestration, providing examples based on practical use cases selected from the RHCSA training curriculum.
  • Managing Enterprise Automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform - (DO467) NEW COURSE - This course is focused on providing skills for your core automation team that deploys and maintains the Ansible Automation Platform infrastructure: automation controller, Ansible automation hub, and automation mesh. It also takes a deeper dive into the features and capabilities of those components and how they might apply to your use cases.

In this course, you will learn how to:

    • Deploy automation controller and leverage its features to create workflows, approvals, notifications of job success or failure, and much more.
    • Install private automation hub to provide a single source of truth to collaborate and publish automation content.
    • Subscribe to certified and supported Ansible Content Collections from the Ansible automation hub and control their distribution by a private automation hub.
    • Use Red Hat Insights for Ansible Automation Platform to evaluate and improve your adoption of Ansible automation.
    • Scale up your deployment as your business grows, coordinating communication between your Ansible Automation Platform servers and your managed nodes with automation mesh.


What can I do next?

Whether you are beginning your automation journey or are a seasoned veteran, there are a variety of resources to enhance your automation knowledge:




Steven Bonneville

Steven Bonneville is a Principal Technical Architect with Red Hat's training organization. With over twenty years of experience at Red Hat, Steven provides his deep expertise with Red Hat technologies to design courses for Red Hat's training curriculum, mentor curriculum developers, and recommend directions for future training offerings. He was responsible for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administration curriculum for many years, and is currently focused on developing cross-platform automation training using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.


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