Ansible and Chocolatey

Chocolatey enables organizations to simplify Windows software management, through rapid creation, testing, and deployment of applications/critical updates. Organizations can easily automate their entire Windows software lifecycle with Chocolatey solutions.

Our commercial solution Chocolatey for Business (C4B) is built on our open source offering, with advanced functionality, best practices guides, dedicated support, and trusted by hundreds of organizations. Our customers have experienced a massive reduction in effort, improved speed of deployment, and comprehensive reporting.

Ansible and Chocolatey

Ansible already works well with package managers across Linux and Mac. Chocolatey fills the gap left on the Windows platform, and integrates with Ansible in the same seamless way to provide the same package manager functionality on Windows.

Chocolatey provides 5 modules as part of the Ansible Galaxy Collection for configuring, deploying, and managing the overall Windows software lifecycle.

Benefits of the Chocolatey Ansible Content Collection 

  • Windows Software installation & management is only as good as the packaging process, and more importantly your ability to quickly update/patch new versions.
  • Chocolatey is great when it comes to managing packages; Ansible is excellent at helping to guarantee state & automation; with their powers combined, this gives you a great way to maintain and automate the management of your entire Windows estate of servers and workstations.
  • Chocolatey for Business (C4B) is Complete Software Management. Focused on 3 + 1 value-added areas:
    • Improved security
    • Enhanced productivity features
    • Enabling more visibility
    • All backed with dedicated Support, Services, & Roadmap

Use Cases

Chocolatey is closely aligned to organizational use cases for Windows software management such as:

  • Ensure the most up-to-date software is deployed e.g new versions or critical patches
  • Automate infrastructure using contemporary tools (e.g. PowerShell, Ansible and Chocolatey)
  • Fast track set-up, testing, and transition to Production through Quick Deployment Environment (QDE)
  • Comprehensive reporting and metrics
  • Tight integration with Ansible and leading repository management solutions

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