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Help customers automate your products by developing and certifying Ansible content

Why invest in Ansible?

Your customers are already using Ansible, and they are looking for supported ways to expand and govern their Ansible automation - including integrations with your products.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Certification Program

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform provides the supported automation platform for partners to build upon. Through the Ansible Automation Platform, Red Hat automates over 4 million customer systems.

Partners can build, publish and certify Ansible content, leveraging the Ansible Automation Platform and giving customers a powerful way to automate your products. Ansible content is delivered in the form of Ansible Content Collections, which brings simplicity and consistency to Ansible content delivery.

The Ansible Certification Program is a shared statement of support for Certified Ansible Collections between Red Hat and the ecosystem partner. An end customer, experiencing trouble with Ansible and certified partner content, can open a support ticket with Red Hat and expect the ticket will be resolved by Red Hat and the ecosystem partner. As a partner, publishing Collections to the Automation Hub gives your end customer organizations the power to manage how trusted automation content is used in the customer environment.

With the Red Hat Ansible Automation Certification Program, our joint customers will get the end to end support on automating F5 application services that mission–critical environments demand.

Calvin Rowland,
Senior vice president,
Business Development, F5

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Join the Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners program

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Review and accept the terms in the Ansible certification appendix

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Develop and Ansible Content Collection and publish to Automation Hub (requires login)

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Ansible Certification Policy Guide and Workflow Guide

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