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Introducing the Automation Hub

This new service is the official location to discover and download supported Ansible Content Collections, included as part of your Ansible Automation Platform subscription. These content collections contain ways to consume automation, and how-to guides to implement them in your infrastructure.

Googlecloud Journey to Ansible Collections

Quickly filter and search content

This secure portal gives users direct access to trusted content collections from Red Hat and Certified Partners. Quickly find content by topic or Ansible Partner organizations.

One-stop for trusted automation

For some users, using unsupported content is not always acceptable. Automation Hub provides a one-stop-shop for Ansible content that is backed by support from Red Hat and its partners to deliver additional reassurance for the most demanding environments.

Get started with Automation Hub

A how to guide on getting started with Ansible Automation Hub

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Features and benefits

Intuitive platform

Login to and activate your subscription in seconds.


Certified content

Red Hat Partners have joint support policies in place for a seamless experience.


Premium support

Engineered, operated, and supported by Red Hat with standard or premium support options.

Frequently asked questions

No, free and unlimited use of Automation Hub is included in your Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform subscription.

Automation Hub is primarily a tool to manage supported content collections, meaning Red Hat support is always your first point of contact.

Issue with official Red Hat collections or certified partner collections? Red Hat support takes the ticket.

Issue with another item in Automation Hub? Support may depend on where it came from, but don't worry we'll help guide you

Only the Ansible Tower cluster needs to have access to Target and client servers do not contact

In terms of the content managed in as part of the Automation Hub, there are two approaches. Both involve the ansible galaxy CLI tool: It can be user initiated for an out-of-band download of a collection. Or it can be initiated via Tower inline. Initially we recommend the out-of-band approach as you get used to working with collections and we develop the offering.

The Ansible Automation platform is not moving to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. All the automation technology which was already available to the customers will continue to do so in the future. So customers with disconnected environments are covered as they have been in the past. We are adding additional, optional components to the offering which are based on

For air-gapped environments we are looking at further options to meet those customers’ needs.  Options around private deployments, integration with satellite, and future enhancements are being considered right now, but decisions on how and when to proceed are yet to be made. Current customers can influence these decisions by providing us feedback about the offering and their use cases.

To get into the market we chose the SaaS approach as the best path for us to get to a valuable solution for many of our customers in a reasonable time. But we are fully aware that it won’t be applicable straight away to all customers.

No matter where you are in your automation journey, we’re here to help

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