Ansible and DataDog

automate the correlation of your data

Datadog provides cloud-scale monitoring that tracks your dynamic infrastructure by seamlessly aggregating metrics and events across the full DevOps stack.


Teams using Ansible to orchestrate and configure deployments need tools to monitor the automation and correlate the event data. Ops teams frequently need to answer questions such as:

  • Which jobs ran?

  • Against which hosts?

  • What changes were made?

  • Duration of the job runs?

It can be challenging to correlate event data from multiple different sources, and answer these questions from just the Ansible standard output. The Ansible integration with Datadog allows customers to build real-time interactive dashboards for graphing and correlating Ansible event data. This type of analysis allows Ops teams to zero-in on specific code changes, config updates or jobs, correlate this data and find the root cause of issues.


Just as Datadog can help you use Ansible, Ansible helps Datadog users by automating the installation and configuration of the Datadog agent on each of your hosts. The Datadog Ansible Role installs the Datadog agent and the integrations corresponding to the software running on each server (e.g. NGINX, Redis).

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