Ansible and IBM Storage

Automating IBM Storage with Ansible

IBM data storage provides simple storage solutions that address modern data requirements and provides a solution to your hybrid multicloud strategy.

With the speed, scale, and complexity of hybrid multicloud and even traditional on-prem environments, automation has become a top priority. IBM FlashSystem family for hybrid multicloud includes integration with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, allowing IT to create an Ansible Playbook that automates the tasks that are repeated across an organization in a consistent way– helping improve outcomes and reduce risk. It standardizes how IT and application owners interact together.

IBM is a Red HatⓇ certified support module vendor, providing simple management for the following commands used in the IBM Spectrum Virtualize Ansible Collection:

  • Collect facts: Collect basic information including hosts, host groups, snapshots, consistency groups, and volumes
  • Manage hosts: Create, delete, or modify hosts
  • Manage volumes: Create, delete, or extend the capacity of volumes
  • Manage mdisk: Create or delete a managed disk
  • Manage pool: Create or delete a pool (managed disk group) 

  • Manage volume map: Create or delete a volume map 

  • Manage consistency group snapshot - Create or delete consistency group snapshots
  • Manage snapshot - create or delete snapshots
  • Manage volume clones - create or delete volume clones


Solution Benefits

  • With Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and IBM Storage, clients can easily automate tasks such as configuration management, provisioning, workflow orchestration, application deployment, and life-cycle management
  • By using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and IBM Storage, clients can reduce system inconsistencies with the automation modules
  • Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform can also be used to configure end-to-end infrastructure in an orchestrated fashion

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