Ansible and IBM Z

IBM Z is the enterprise platform for mission-critical applications that brings industry-leading data privacy, security, and resiliency to your hybrid multicloud. On IBM Z there is IBM z/OS, which is designed to support clients with workload efficiency, scalability, improved analytics capabilities, and resiliency to deliver capabilities that enhance availability, performance, and improved security and data protection.


Ansible meet IBM Z

It’s no mystery that automation is the heartbeat of a successful platform, and it’s no different for IBM Z. Ansible allows you to automate z/OS applications and IT infrastructure as part of your enterprise automation strategy using a proven and consistent approach. Wherever you are on your hybrid cloud journey, this is essential.

The Red HatⓇ Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z helps you connect IBM Z to your wider enterprise automation strategy through the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform ecosystem. IBM Z Ansible content helps enable development and operations automation through unified workflow orchestration with configuration management, provisioning, and application deployment in one, easy-to-use platform. This is an important step to bringing a comprehensive enterprise-grade solution for building and operating IT automation at scale.

A core value of Ansible is that it is the glue that can work with just about everything. Integrate with what you have or build new playbooks with certified, open source content to create something new. Use your existing JCL, REXX, and z/OSMF assets or anything else using Ansible as the driver to automate IBM Z, z/OS and z/OS-based software. The choice is yours.


Why Ansible and IBM Z?


  • Enable a common approach to hybrid applications and infrastructure management
  • Integrate IBM Z into an enterprise automation strategy in a consistent way


  • Enable transparent visibility of IBM Z automation when orchestrated by Ansible, which can help to break down silos between IT teams
  • Use best practices to manage automation in source control to move towards infrastructure as code


  • Use Ansible and Python skills, which are readily available in the marketplace and can be applied to IBM Z
  • Use modules to codify key maintenance and operational tasks for IBM Z software so that you can focus on what you’re trying to accomplish

Delivered as a fully supported solution via Ansible Content Collections, plugins and modules, Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z provides easy-to-use automation building blocks that can accelerate the automation of IBM Z and z/OS. The initial z/OS Core collection includes connection plugins, action plugins, and modules to automate common tasks on z/OS such as:

  • zos_data_set: Create, delete, and manage attributes for data sets
  • zos_job_query: Query z/OS for a list of jobs
  • zos_tso_command: Execute TSO commands
  • zos_operator: Execute operator commands

Today, we offer collections for z/OS core, IMS , CICS , IBM z/OS Management Facility, IBM Z System Automation, and the IBM Z Hardware Management Console that can be readily used. We are actively expanding our collections to automate other common configuration and management tasks for software in the broader IBM Z community.

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