Ansible and NetApp

Automating NetApp's storage deployment solutionS with Ansible

As enterprises make the move to adopt sophisticated next-generation data center technologies, time to market through the automation of IT tasks has become an essential element.

To enable this adoption around storage technologies, Ansible and NetApp have partnered to develop a collection of automation and storage configuration management modules to easily provision, deploy and manage NetApp ONTAP, SolidFire and E-Series storage platforms.

The Ansible and NetApp modules provide idempotent provisioning for:

  • Aggregates
  • Asynchronous Mirroring
  • Checking Connections
  • Disk Pools
  • Hosts and Host Groups (Clusters)
  • License Management
  • LUN Mapping
  • QTrees
  • Snapshot Scheduler
  • Standard Volumes and Flex Vols
  • SVM
  • Thin Volumes
  • Users, User Roles and Accounts
  • Volume Access Groups
  • Volume Snapshots
  • and much more...

These modules have been qualified by NetApp engineering to ensure they meet the provisioning, replication and general management needs.


Solution Benefits

  • The Ansible and NetApp solution provides a flexible, scalable and highly reliable storage deployment and management solution for ONTAP, SolidFire and E-Series storage systems

  • Ansible seamlessly unites workflow orchestration with configuration management, provisioning and application deployment in one easy-to-use and deploy platform

  • Highly customized, storage specific modules to support ONTAP, SolidFire and E-Series specific provisioning, replication and management of storage infrastructure
  • The solution enables a lower cost of ownership and ease of setup by reducing the time to deploy and manage your storage

  • The NetApp-Ansible partnership ensures targeted, quality storage automation modules

  • NetApp supported SDKs for ONTAP, SolidFire and E-Series offer extensibility by making it easier to develop new modules

It takes about 6 hours to complete a standard NetApp deployment for us, but using Ansible and the NetApp modules we’re able to complete that in about one minute and 47 seconds, it’s a huge time savings for us.

Drew Russell

Delivery Automation Specialist

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