Automating IT Service Management with ServiceNow and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Improve the value of your service chain based on ServiceNow as the “single source of truth” for IT assets, while using Ansible Automation Platform to programmatically open, close and update service requests, incidents, problems and change requests. You can enable faster, more efficient IT service management through the Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collection for ServiceNow that integrates Ansible Automation Platform and ServiceNow solutions.  


Solution Benefits

Faster service delivery can result in improved customer and stakeholder satisfaction, faster time-to-resolution, and improved productivity across the entire IT team.  

Using this certified content collection, you can dramatically increase value from service chains, while enabling a “closed loop” process that automatically updates your ServiceNow workflows without manual intervention. You can work across incidents, problems and change requests to make remediations easier. You can also create playbooks to automate common service request actions, such as resetting a network router, so that service teams can use the tools they’re familiar with to perform the action and resolve incidents quickly - while automatically establishing a digital trail in ServiceNow. 

Manual maintenance of configuration information about IT asset execution steps can be time-consuming, inaccurate or incomplete. This Collection provides the ability to automate the retrieval of configurations, eliminating manual steps and allowing IT professionals to focus on other priorities.  

The collection includes modules and plug-ins for managing incident tickets, interacting with problem tickets, handling change requests and managing the configuration management database in ServiceNow, as well as an inventory plugin that allows Ansible Automation Platform to operate against your ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB) as a single source of truth.


Additional Resources

Looking to learn more about this certified collection? Here are some great resources to get you started:

Get Started

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform customers can access this certified collection in the automation hub hosted service:
  1. Log into 

  2. Access the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform section and look for automation hub, and open it.  

  3. Use the search bar to search for ServiceNow.  


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