Ansible and Cisco


As customers embrace the DevOps model to accelerate application deployment and achieve higher efficiency in operating their data centers, the infrastructure needs to change and respond faster than ever to business needs. These changes can help you achieve an agile operational model by improving on automation, innovation, and consistency.

The Cisco Nexus platform allows you to easily:

  • Integrate your applications into your customer's existing DevOps tools chain

  • Improve flexibility in installing and deploying whatever protocol package or custom applications you need on the switch

  • Get open and full access to switch resources and data

Integrated Solution

The feature richness in Cisco Nexus NX-OS combined with the scaling and performance capabilities enable customers to build efficient data centers.

The Ansible integration with Cisco Nexus platforms enables customers to take advantage of programming and automating the infrastructure at scale with speed.

Ansible accelerates Day 0, 1 and 2 operations in the following ways:

  • Day 0 – Automates device bring up

  • Day 1 – Push network configurations to maintain consistency across the infrastructure

  • Day 2 – Optimizes network compliance and operation

Solution Benefits

The combined Ansible and Cisco solution provides:
  • Speed IT Transformation

  • Leverage Open Ecosystem

  • Efficient Operational Model

  • Faster Adoption

  • Improve Speed and Agility


Get Started

Explore network modules for Cisco in Ansible Docs:

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Ansible Tower allows us to easily streamline the delivery of applications and services to both OpenStack and Amazon Clouds in a cost effective, simple, and secure manner.



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