Ansible and Pluribus


Pluribus Netvisor is an open networking based and software-defined fabric network operating system that provides powerful insight, agility and security for network environments. Together with Ansible, Pluribus enables users to simplify network operations, reduce network operation costs, and deliver new applications faster.

Integrated Solution

Pluribus-supported devices can use the the Pluribus Ansible modules to make CLI API calls and gather real-time state data and to make configuration changes on your Pluribus Switches. The Ansible modules work on both Open Netvisor Linux (ONVL) and Netvisor OS platforms.

Solution Benefits

The combined Ansible, Red Hat® Ansible® Tower and Pluribus solution provides:

  • Improved network configuration and automation speed and accuracy

  • Simplified network configuration roll-back

  • Single tool to automate the entire existing data center infrastructure

  • Simple automation without the need to learn an additional programming language

Get Started

Explore the list of network modules for Pluribus in Ansible Docs.

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Pluribus Solution Brief (PDF)

Solution Brief

Automating Pluribus Open Netvisor Linux (ONVL) with Ansible

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Ansible Quick Start - Introduction to Ansible

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Automating Your Network with Ansible

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