Ansible and Cisco ASA

Automate your Security Operations

Security professionals are increasingly adopting automation as a way to help unify security operations into structured workflows that can reduce operational complexity, human error, time to respond and can be integrated into existing SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) or SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response) platforms.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform provides enterprise-ready solutions to automate security operations, including key security technologies like enterprise firewalls.


Ansible and Cisco ASA

Thanks to the Ansible modules in the Cisco ASA Collection, security teams can automate the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance family of security devices and integrate them into automated security workflows to more easily manage security policies and the changes needed for a faster response to business needs.


Solution Benefits

  • Standardize security and network operations on Cisco ASA appliances through repeatable workflows.
  • Integrate Cisco ASA appliances into event-driven security response processes that programmatically touch multiple security tools with no manual intervention.
  • Bring security into DevOps processes making Cisco ASA appliances accessible through the existing tool chain.

The Cisco ASA Collections, available on Automation Hub, contain modules and plugins to support multiple use cases, starting from response and remediation scenarios.

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