Ansible and Fortinet

DevSecOps with Fortinet

To move faster and work more efficiently, organizations are deploying a variety of workloads across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.  However, organizations now need to manage the risk associated with business-critical data and services scattered across a distributed infrastructure.  All the while managing tools that differ significantly from one cloud platform to another.

Another complexity is the need to work within a shared security model with cloud providers, understanding  the responsibility of securing the cloud environment is shared between the cloud vendor and the customer.  In most cases, the cloud vendor is responsible for securing the platform itself, while the customer is responsible for securing their own apps and data. 

These complexities are potential sources of security gaps that organizations often struggle to comprehensively and consistently address.


Integrated Solution 

Organizations using DevOps and DevSecOps can enforce comprehensive security models in multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Fortinet develops and provides customers with the necessary DevOps tools to seamlessly integrate and manage their Fortinet Security Fabric solutions within their playbooks, and across DevOps deployment and operation activities.

Ansible is a lead automation and orchestration solution that organizations can implement and maintain security across these environments in a fast, simplified and effective way.

Fortinet has developed several Ansible modules to support FortiGate FortiOS and FortiManager. This allows DevOps to embrace and apply security in the fast-paced world of multi-cloud, hybrid networks and application environments.


Solution Benefits 

  • Enable your software to adjust protecting controls to manage risk
  • Manage physical and virtual FortiGate firewalls and FortiManager with your playbooks
  • Integration modules developed and maintained by Fortinet
  • Automate integrations and configurations changes in FortiGate FortiOS and FortiManager with your playbooks

Expedite response and seamlessly adapt the Fortinet network security platforms to business needs through Fortinet-developed Ansible modules. 


Streamline remediation using certified Ansible modules to  integrate Fortinet solutions in your existing security portfolio and automated response processes.

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