Using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform for Infrastructure Automation

Consistently deploy and manage infrastructure workloads with a fully-supported automation platform. 

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Infrastructure as Code is a start—but it’s not enough

To make infrastructure management more efficient and less error-prone, many organizations have adopted an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach, which involves managing and provisioning through code instead of manual processes. IaC makes it possible to automate time-consuming tasks, but scaling IaC across teams and environments requires a unified, flexible automation solution.

Spend less time managing and more time innovating

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform ensures consistent configuration of infrastructure workloads, while also deploying and maintaining your systems, wherever they are—on-premise, in the cloud, or at the edge. With a user-friendly interface and set of tools, Ansible Automation Platform allows you to efficiently manage diverse enterprise use cases, saving resources and freeing your IT teams to focus on the future.

Ease complexity

Spend less time on error-prone, time-consuming tasks with easy-to-navigate features that get you automating faster.

Control costs

Consolidate on a single, flexible platform that assumes the work of many disparate solutions, so you can be more efficient and adapt to change faster.

Ensure consistency

Leverage automated, repeatable workflows and ensure uniform configuration management across your hybrid infrastructure.

Scale faster

Respond with agility while you juggle workloads in your datacenter, across multiple clouds, and at the edge, ensuring consistent configuration along the way.

Foster collaboration

Connect your DevOps and IaC teams by using a common platform that enables sharing of automation content and best practices.

Manage compliance

Automate security patching and apply consistent settings across systems—whether on-premise or in the cloud—to easily meet local regulations and limit downtime.

Integrate your infrastructure solutions—all with one platform

Ansible Automation Platform takes an automation-first approach to managing all of your infrastructure, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Windows, ITSM platforms, hypervisors, storage, and more. It integrates with SAP S/4 HANA®, Microsoft SQL Server, and over 100 other industry-leading solutions, so that you can manage all of your infrastructure through a single, fully-supported platform.

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With Ansible Automation Platform, you can:

  • Tackle Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) provisioning and patch, content, and subscription management. 
  • Manage both Microsoft Windows Server and Linux through a single, user-friendly interface. 
  • Deploy and manage RHEL for SAP S/4 HANA—from Day 0/Day 1 design and deployment through Day 2 maintenance and optimization.
  • Simplify the installation, configuration, and tuning of Microsoft SQL Server running on RHEL. 
  • Provision and configure virtual machines and storage.
  • Maintain stability and performance of edge devices.

Why choose Ansible Automation Platform?

Automation is a strategic and foundational component of IT modernization and digital transformation. Enriched by our commitment to open source, Red Hat’s solutions, services, and training give you the tools you need to scale automation across your business—into security, networking, cloud, and the edge—and adapt to new use cases as they emerge.

Creating an enterprise-wide approach to automation means automating IT processes, but also entire technologies, teams, and organizations. With easy-to-navigate and fully-supported features, Ansible Automation Platform can help you deploy new applications and services faster, manage IT infrastructure more efficiently, and improve app development productivity—so that you can spend less time managing and more time innovating.

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Customer success stories

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina automates IT

Blue Cross NC created an automated, adaptable IT environment, improving efficiency and reducing costs. In two years, they saved 70,000 work hours and more than US$850,000.

Sapphire Health enables healthcare innovation

Sapphire automates to speed server builds, eliminate manual errors, and simplify documentation. As a result, Sapphire helps their customers streamline operations and lower costs.

AIA Group automates provisioning

The AIA Group uses Ansible Automation Platform to eliminate manual provisioning and configuration processes, reducing service time to market and accelerating migration to the cloud.
Red Hat named a leader in infrastructure automation
Forrester Research named Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform a leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Infrastructure Automation, Q1, 2023—with the highest score in the strategy category.
Want some hands-on experience?
Red Hat offers interactive labs in a preconfigured Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform environment. You can use these labs to experiment, practice, and learn how to create, manage, and scale network and IT practices efficiently—from rapid development and deployment, to simplified operations and analytics, to consistent end-to-end user experiences.

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