Application Deployment

Simplify your application deployment with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform offers a simple solution to deploying applications. It gives you the power to deploy multi-tier applications reliably and consistently, all from one common framework. You can configure key services as well as push application files from one common system. And rather than writing custom code to automate your systems, your team writes simple task descriptions that even the newest team member can understand on first read—saving not only upfront costs, but making it easier to react to change over time. 

Don’t want to write the code yourself? Use Ansible Automation Platform certified content collections, which are fully supported by Red Hat—with many also supported by our trusted partners.

The power of playbooks

Repeatable and reliable

Ansible Automation Platform allows you to write playbooks that are descriptions of the desired state of your systems and are usually kept in source control. Ansible then does the hard work of getting your systems to this desired state—regardless of where it started. Playbooks make your installations, upgrades, and day-to-day management repeatable and reliable.

Simple to write and maintain

Playbooks are simple to write and maintain. Most users become productive with Ansible Automation Platform after only a few hours. Ansible uses many of the same tools you likely already use on a daily basis and playbooks are written in a human-readable language that is easy to maintain, rewrite, and edit.


Thanks to its agentless design, Ansible Automation Platform is more secure and efficient. It can be introduced into your environment without any remote systems bootstrapping or opening additional ports. Not only does this eliminate "managing the management," but system resource utilization is also dramatically improved.


Batteries included

Ansible Automation Platform uses one giant toolbox. And it ships with over 1,300+ modules in the core distribution—providing a vast library of building blocks for managing all kinds of IT tasks and network software. 

There are 2 ways to access content with Ansible. Certified Content for Ansible Automation Platform is certified and supported by both Red Hat and our technology partners. And content in Ansible Galaxy is community-supported, which is great for testing in non-production environments. With Ansible Galaxy, it is likely that there are community-contributed roles that can help get you started even faster.

Zero downtime

As shown in the diagram above, Ansible Automation Platform can orchestrate zero downtime—easily rolling out updates so you can update your applications in production without users noticing.

Highly flexible

Downloading files from servers and configuring the OS are just the basics. From talking to REST APIs, to updating a team chat server with a heads up or sending an email, Ansible Automation Platform can drive a variety of workflows.

Ready for cloud

Available Content Collections manage not just the local computer system, but can interact with cloud services, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and more. And since all cloud APIs allow you to inject SSH keys, you can start managing any cloud instance or network software without modifying the base image.


Considering a Red Hat subscription? 

No matter where you are on your automation journey, Red Hat can help. 

Ansible Automation Platform is a comprehensive, integrated solution that helps you automate for velocity, collaboration, and growth. It delivers open source innovation, hardened for your enterprise–so you can boost productivity and reduce time-to-completion for new projects.   

With a Red Hat subscription, you get certified content, a robust partner ecosystem, access to hosted management services, and life cycle technical support that allows your teams to create, manage, and scale automation across your organization. And you’ll get expert knowledge gained from our success with thousands of customers.

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Red Hat named a leader in infrastructure automation
Forrester Research named Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform a leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Infrastructure Automation, Q1, 2023—with the highest score in the strategy category.
Want some hands-on experience?
Red Hat offers interactive labs in a preconfigured Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform environment. You can use these labs to experiment, practice, and learn how to create, manage, and scale network and IT practices efficiently—from rapid development and deployment, to simplified operations and analytics, to consistent end-to-end user experiences.

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