No matter what infrastructure you have, there are baremetal machines under it somewhere. When rolling out datacenter deployments, you need a tool that can provision everything you need, and work with the infrastructure you have. Whether you’re using Red Hat Satellite, Hanlon, Cobbler, or any other datacenter management tool, integrating Ansible is as simple as a couple of lines in an OS bootstrap or kickstart script to kick off provisioning.


When you’re managing the datacenter, it’s not just the OS you need to deploy. Ansible’s extensive library of built-in modules, plus its easy extensibility allows you to use the same simple playbook language not just for configuring your servers, but also for your networks, firewalls, and more.

Once you’ve got your datacenter deployed, the same language allows you to easily deploy and manage frameworks such as VMware and OpenStack as well.


Maybe you’ve moved past the traditional datacenter, to virtualization or cloud. That’s no problem for Ansible.

Whether you’ve got local virtualization like VMware, private cloud like OpenStack, or public cloud infrastructure in places like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, Ansible’s library of cloud support makes it easy to provision instances, networks, and more wherever you need. Using the same simple Playbook language you can both provision your infrastructure, and then apply configuration to it. Deploy your infrastructure across public, private, or hybrid cloud easily.


Once you’ve defined your provisioning, Red Hat® Ansible® Tower lets you easily provide it to others. Need to provide a development environment to your team? No problem - just add the credentials to Ansible Tower, import your Playbook, and use Ansible Tower’s self-service surveys to provide a simple question-and-answer portal that lets your teams set up new environments securely in just a few clicks.



Every change we do in cloud gets deployed through Ansible now...except for the first time. The first time we have to figure out how to do it manually, and then we'll make the Playbook to do it.

Sr Cloud Operations Engineer